Undisturbed 360° X-Ray radiotranslucency offered by the ALVO carbon fiber product selection meets the top requirements of cardiovascular and neurosurgical interventional suites and hybrid ORs. The joystick-controlled floater device at the X-Ray table ALVO Serenada-C allows to obtain lateral and longitudinal shifts with wide spectrum of imaging area, flow of movement and clinical reach. Technical parameters of the Alvo Serenada-C (scanning length of 1,7 m under a 200 kg max. load) position the product among well-entrenched market solutions.

Every multifunctional operating table made by ALVO can be equipped with optional carbon fiber table top extension. Excellent radiolucent properties and lightweight, solid construction support comfortable patient positioning with 360 degrees exposition. Achieve better intra-operative imaging in your neuro, vascular or diagnostic procedures.