“Surgical treatment of obesity in patients, whose weight exceeds 200 kg is a great challenge for surgical teams, but also for the equipment used during surgery. The ALVO Rapsodia is the first operating table model, unique in this part of Europe, which is perfectly adjusted for metabolic surgery (bariatric surgeries).

It is a high-quality product, which fits perfectly with the workflow of our operating room at the Pro-Familia Hospital in Rzeszow (Department of Endoscopic and Metabolic Surgery), during minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgeries. Another important value of this operating table is its great X-Ray Translucent area, which is useful during intraoperative X-Ray imaging.

I am deeply impressed with excellent cooperation with the team of constructors and engineers at Alvo, who actively responded to the needs and remarks of our surgical staff, offering solutions, which finally made up to a high clinical value product.

I take it as a real honor and feel satisfied with the fact that we could participate in the final phase of the market launch of this medical device.”

Dr Maciej Matłok, MD PhD, Head of Department of Endoscopic and Metabolic Surgery Pro-Familia Hospital, Rzeszow, Poland


Adjustable Platinum Surgical Stirrups offers exceptionally precise placement, effectively minimizing the possibility of nerve damage.
The Platinum Surgical Stirrups are delivered fully assembled with included boot liners. Lithotomy Range -30° low to 80° high; adduction -9° and abduction 25°. 272 kg surgical patient weight capacity.



Nissen strap offers the support needed during steep reverse Trendelenburg positioning. Each leg is wrapped with a 25 mm thick pad to secure the patient regardless of the angle of the patient’s position on the table.
The bariatric Nissen straps, each 1830 mm long, fit most bariatric patients and have a weight capacity of 362 kg.



Tabletop width extenders, available for setup at back and seat support in order to obtain the total tabletop width of 740 mm.