Thanks to its partnership with Swiss antimicrobial specialist Sanitized and almost a quarter of a century of experience in the industry, Alvo Medical’s range of powder-coated medical furniture offers hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other care institutions a further layer of protection in the battle against healthcare-associated infections.

Healthcare authorities and medical equipment manufacturers continuously optimise processes to eliminate the risks of infection in healthcare facilities. Nevertheless, the numbers regarding healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) continue to be alarming: WHO talks of around 4.1 million infected patients in Europe each year; in the US, there are around 99,000 deaths attributable to HAIs; and in Europe, the number is 37,000. And the pathogens do not just present a danger in hospitals. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the number of infections in long-term care facilities at over 1.0 million cases each year. The economic damage of this is also immense: in the US alone, HAIs incur an additional 16.0 million days in hospital.

Smart support for cleaning procedures.

All the powder-coated surfaces of the Alvo products and polymer contain the proven antimicrobial treatment offered by Sanitized, a Swiss company focused on antimicrobial hygiene. The Sanitized technology is based on active ingredients added to Alvo surfaces during the manufacturing process, protecting them against microbes around the clock.

This is especially important on surfaces that are frequently contaminated with germs and require ongoing protection between cleaning cycles. Through the antimicrobial treatment of hospital surfaces with safe, effective Sanitized technology, bacteria growth is effectively prevented and the infection chain is broken.

Surgical hand scrub: safe, touch-free and effective.

According to WHO investigations, 20–40% of all HAIs are attributable to cross-contamination; in other words, the pathogens are transmitted from one person to the next. Hand hygiene plays an elementary role here – experts estimate that 70–80% of all infections are transmitted via the hands.

Alvo Medical designed a solution to make hand-scrubbing a little more fun, sophisticated, intuitive and easy at the same time. The new Alvo premium scrub sink has been made as an all-in-one unit with touch-free operation.

As Prof. Paweł Buszman from American Heart of Poland Clinics, attests: “I am not sure what makes this scrub sink so unique, whether it is the superior design, with its ergonomic shape; the smooth material that is so easy to clean; or maybe the drain-disinfection solution that comes with the unit, and protects us from dangerous pathogens hiding in the pipes and drains. It means the designers obviously did their homework.” 

The outcomes from health hazards caused by the risks of infection, in terms of monetary and reputational costs, are enormous. The Sanitized hygiene function of Alvo modular walls, powder-coated furniture, operating table mattresses and all treated surfaces helps to reduce the growth and spread of microorganisms that are particularly problematic, such as those in the Clostridia family and antibiotic-resistant bacteria – for example MRSA, VRE and NDM-1.

Dr Samir Ibrahim, a specialist in aesthetic surgery and head of the Mandala Beauty Clinics in Amman (Jordan) and Poznan, emphasizes the importance of preventive antimicrobial treatment of exposed and frequently used surfaces for the general medical outcome. Alvo delivered an operating table with a Sanitized-protected mattress to his clinic.

We employ a great team of experienced professionals in plastic surgery and gynaecology”, says Ibrahim. “Fast recovery in the Mandala Beauty Clinic is a standard, and a surgical tabletop with hygiene protection is just one more contribution to infection control in our facility.”