With the current concern that hospitals may be overwhelmed by a surging number of patients with high-infectious diseases including COVID-19, fast track mobile hospital settings will be demanded.

ALVO Mobile Hospital responds with container-based single-patient isolation units with air management solutions. Such facility must be designed carefully, in the way, that caregivers could treat and monitor patients without any risk of cross-contamination. A prefabricated modular facility is designed and manufactured at the ALVO production plant, fitted according to the client’s order and delivered on-site ready to operate.

Materials used help prevent the spread of germs. A dedicated air management solution is used to provide optimal thermal and epidemiological conditions and a low noise level for the patient and the medical team. Medical technology infrastructure is prepared and installed according to specifications.

The modular design concept allows immediate synergy with existing hospital building or intentional independence especially in emergency situations, where there is not enough time to raise classical building construction.


The concept of the unit is a single patient isolation room with anteroom and bathroom. The technical section on the backside. The area is divided into zones of different pressure levels to ensure a negative airflow so that no contaminations could leave the unit. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, shower, mirror and flow water heater. Both the patient’s room and toilet have heaters. The module has adequate thermal insulation, interior made of flame retardant materials. Air purifier included. General LED lighting.

Capsule concept featuring:

• anteroom to separate contaminated patient room and non-contaminated exterior area
• control window that may reduce the number of times the caregivers need to enter the isolation room
• own bathroom with direct access from the patient’s room with hand disinfectant dispenser
• entrance area large enough to put on and discard protective clothing without risk of contamination, entrance area with the sluice door system
• technical room with medical gases installation, without decompression unit
• adequate room ventilation


In order to facilitate monitoring of the patient, an observation room with a viewing window and a loading sluice are provided.

The observation room may reduce the number of times the caregivers need to enter the isolation room.

isolation unit


ALVO MOBILE HOSPITAL provides a turn-key solution for mobile hospital facilities in solid and climate-controlled units. As an autonomous installation, it provides a compact environment that will be equivalent to a hospital in case of an emergency or disaster. Fast-track hospital facilities are quickly set-up to provide fast relief to the community. Multiple modular units can be assembled with corridors and act as a cohesive unit.

isolation ward Example 1: A complex of 10 modules
connected by a common corridor.







isolation ward no corridor

Example 2:
A complex of 10 free-standing modules – no corridor.