December 2018 – European manufacturer of surgical tables (ALVO) and global pressure imaging company from Canada (XSENSOR) have commercially launched a new anti-decubitus operating tables mattress line of products designed to eliminate pressure risks during surgery. This clinical innovation was first announced during the Medica exhibition in Düsseldorf in November 2018 and is presenting at the Arab Health show in Dubai, 28-31.01.2019: Sheik Saeed Hall S3D50

Hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) are a surgery-outcome-sensitive indicator, and as such is often considered as a never event. Nevertheless, HAPIs remains a challenge not only in hospitalized patients (eg. in ICU) but also in perioperative patient handling.

Multifunctional surgical tables with premium pressure-relieving pads and integrated pressure monitoring interfaces were developed in close collaboration with clinicians and engineers from both ALVO and XSENSOR. The Canadian technology (ForeSite OR) is a multilayer construction designed to safely position and support the patient and effectively redistribute the peak pressures that can cause tissue damage during prolonged surgical procedures. ForeSite OR’s sensors generate and record real-time images of the body surface pressures that surgical staff can observe on any display in the operating theatre.

Visual tracking and recording via ALVO Integra

Visual tracking and recording can be done via ALVO Integra OR management solution. Intraoperative positioning can be continuously monitored to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers that may occur during prolonged surgeries.

The new technology, apart from obvious clinical advantages for patients, responds to the needs of OR managers, who are interested in limiting risks in the operating theatre and shortening hospital stays.

In addition, the pressure mapping can be recorded during the surgery supporting a hospital’s defense in the event of a complaint or claim being made by a patient with HAPI. The new tabletop’s premium line is specifically engineered to cover the needs of different surgical disciplines. The pads integrate with all of ALVO’s surgical table portfolio for optimal patient positioning.

Hospital revenue can be increased and reputations enhanced through improved OR outcomes. The modular design of the interchangeable premium tabletops allows the hospital to expand the surgical suite’s capabilities with any already existing ALVO surgical table, as a step-by-step investment.

The new anti-decubitus surgical tables line will support clinicians in providing better care, by monitoring critical anatomical details during surgery, on any chosen display. The necessary repositioning can be done remotely, via ALVO Integra OR management screen. Intraoperative pressure monitoring will allow surgeons greater positioning precision, improve patient outcomes, and eliminate the risks of pressure injuries during long surgical procedures.

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