Breath initiative by Mudita helps fight against COVID-19.

Mudita – a Polish start-up creates a simple, portable, and inexpensive ventilator to help hospitals with respirator shortages. ALVO Medical supports the project in the engineering and prototyping stage.

Breath initiative. How does it work?

Breath, an intelligent AMBU bag. Meaningful innovation.

Breath delivers oxygen to a patient’s lungs, when the doctor, nurse, or paramedic doesn’t have access to a professional respirator. Currently, hospitals don’t have enough equipment to help all of the patients, and buying new respirators is difficult because of the high costs and limited accessibility. We decided to base the construction of our ventilator on the AMBU bag, sometimes known as a bag valve mask, a popular resuscitation and ventilation kit that is used in every hospital or ambulance. It can provide a patient with additional oxygen.

An AMBU bag is a manual tool that demands that a doctor, nurse, or paramedic press it rhythmically so that it works. With the growing number of patients suffering from COVID-19, it’s impossible to provide this kind of continuous assistance. Mudita came up with a mechanism that presses on the AMBU bag using special bellows and helps to deliver oxygen to the lungs. The medical practitioner doesn’t have to do it manually, they can set parameters, such as the air capacity or pressing frequency. We also added pressure sensors that monitor the whole mechanism and can report a potential fault.


Mudita created a fully functional model and is now getting ready to obtain the necessary certifications to start mass production. ALVO Medical supports the project in the engineering and prototyping stage. “We exist to provide better healing conditions. For Everybody. Everywhere in the world”.