Modular OR cabinet


Design a hygienic modular cabinet for operating rooms to improve surgical workflow, storage quality and OR staff experience.

modular or cabinet 1IMPACT

  • over 300 million people undergo surgery every year
  • Surgical Site Infections (SSI) are considered the most frequent complication in surgical patients, being responsible for almost 40% of all HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections)
  • the costs of SSI are up to $10 billion annually
  • SSI is associated with a mortality rate of 3%, and 75% of SSI-associated deaths are directly attributable to the SSI
  • SSI increase the length of hospital stays by 3-20 days


Flexible and hygienic modular cabinet for the operating room storage and surgical workflow needs. Closed profile shelves and rounded corners of the inside storage space significantly improve hygiene without sacrificing storage efficiency and safety.

Antimicrobial glass

Antimicrobial glass is manufactured according to high vacuum magnetron sputtering technology. Based on the microbiological test: JIS Z 2801:2010 Antibacterial Products – Test For Antibacterial Activity and Efficacy, the ALVO antimicrobial OR modular solution is effectively fighting the following bacteria and funghi:

Name of bacteria/fungi

Collection number   


S.aureus ATCC 6538 bactericidal
E. Coli ATCC 8739 bactericidal
Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 bacteriostatic
Candida albicans ATCC 10231 fungistatic
Candida glabrata ATCC 15126 fungistatic

The antimicrobial glass is now available with the ALVO modular wall solution offering. Antimicrobial glass is especially recommended for modular wall panels at the scrub nurse’s zone as well as for the surgical doors, cabinets or patient bed units in Intensive Care Departments.

modular or cabinetNew modular cabinet – main features:

• antimicrobial glass
• wide-angle hinges
• rounded corners to facilitate cleaning
• closed profile shelves, height-adjusted for ergonomic workflow
• single chamber space inside
• white powder coating of the interior for better visual and maintenance experience
• flushed front surface with single piece wings, no external frame
• backlit with LED for both visual and functional aspect
• lower shelves with drawer system

The front interface of the cabinet can incorporate the hospital’s logo or name of the surgical department, that will be visible only when backlit (LED). Gentle LED lighting (RGB) is especially important in minimally invasive surgery rooms, where dimmed light hinders orientation.

Clinicians can choose the best configuration for their requirements. The cabinet system will easily integrate with the ALVO modular OR solution, offering design flexibility from single to multiplied cabinet units.