Our goal in ALVO Medical is to create a safe and effective ecosystem where innovative technology helps improve clinical outcomes. Our team of constructors and engineers at ALVO works on improving our products to suit the best of both medical professionals and patients and to offer high-quality solutions. Now you can see in detail one of our operating tables we present proudly in brand-new animation.

As the main character of the animation we chose ALVO® Rapsodia, a universal mobile operating table with advanced features and a variety of functions, that proves we take care of the high quality, comfort but also of the modern design of our solutions. Read more about its features and check yourself how beautifully it presents in the video:

  • Its ergonomic design and modular tabletop with quick and easy fixing system is user friendly
  • By providing an exceptional height adjustment range of 610 – 1240 mm (without pads), combined with a longitudinal shift of 420 mm, makes it the perfect fit for any desired working level and ensures optimal work conditions
  • ALVO® Rapsodia is suitable for all kinds of surgery, together with minimally invasive surgery and bariatric
  • X-ray translucent area makes ALVO® Rapsodia a great choice also for hybrid operating rooms
  • Mattress fastening system is hygienic and easy to install
  • Antistatic, seamless, anti-decubitus mattress with memory foam ensures patient comfort and safety
  • Real-time pressure mapping pads designed to eliminate pressure risks during surgery
  • The ALVO Rapsodia is compatible with the full portfolio of ALVO accessories line designed for each surgical discipline



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