ALVO® Priority Operating Room.

A fast-track OR project management approach.

Hospitals and clinicians are interested to get a safe and ergonomic operating room, but often find that they don’t know how to begin.
ALVO® Priority OR comes as a complete medical environment with evidence-based, selected portfolio.
Automated project management saves time, so your surgery center can work on its ROI 5-7 weeks earlier.

ALVO® Priority OR timeline

ALVO® Priority OR

Our goal is to help communities with health care shortages.


  • 5 billion people lack access to safe, affordable and timely surgical and anesthesia care worldwide.
  • Untreated surgical conditions takes a live every 2 seconds.
  • Estimated 17 million deaths can be averted through safe and cost-effective interventions, treatment.

In order to deliver surgery rooms fast, we decided to launch the ALVO® Priority Operating Room.

Many places of the world don’t have enough resources to provide basic medical services to all patients. Building a new surgery center is difficult because of high costs and complex project management. This was our insight. Following customers interviews and experts opinions, we were able to collect evidence-based selection of operating room solutions. We then analysed our project management cycle and optimized documentation and manufacturing process.

Prototype assumptions verified.

We argued our assumptions over a project in Kuwait, Wara Hospital.

Our local partner, MICo Medical supported the overall project management for a 3-room surgical department in Kuwait and helped document each step. We tested the project management software and measured the overall process cycle. In accordance with the findings, we could eliminate stages that added no or little value. We found space to optimize.

Experience & knowledge.

In cooperation with the University of Technology in Poznań, we have developed a dedicated software for automatic creation of projects documentation. Optimizing stages in the design, 3D planning, manufacturing, distribution and installation processes helped us capture new value. We reduced large amounts of capital and infrastructure required for more complex supply chains. Significant stages have been shortened and stock availability secured in a way that time and economic advantages are noticeable.

With ALVO® Priority OR, you get your integrated surgical suite up to 40% faster. Which equals to approx. $780 000 – $1 100 000 of surgery revenue.

ALVO Priority OR cycle
ALVO Priority OR cycle

Algorythms that simplify our customer’s lives.

Combining evidence-based clinical knowledge with ALVO® experience of almost 30 years in delivering modular operating rooms globally, we created an algorythm for a turn-key surgical suite. It includes material, fittings, relevant equipment and color recommendations. Experts portfolio guides customers through the approval process and vitally saves time. Time savings are also significant in the installation phase. Working with a set selection of products simplifies build-up and helps monitoring installation teams performance.