Fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered. Meet a next-generation surgical field accessories line ALVO EasyPRO, compatible with one 360° click-in adapter for different surgical accessories. Designed to make the surgery faster, safer and less demanding. Compatible with most surgical tables available in the market, additionally open to match any surgical field accessories…



Initial tests prove the new EasyPRO system significantly reduces the set-up time and improves the accuracy of surgical procedures. While surgical techniques are being constantly improved and optimized, most procedures still require hours under anesthesia for patients and hours of physical and intellectual effort from surgeons and staff. This poses high risk of decubitus for patients. And fatigue of the surgical teams. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) among surgeons can impair surgical abilities and may affect patient’s safety. Difficulties reaching and viewing the surgical field, the need to control surgical instruments and maintaining static body postures over long time present some of the largest health challenges. Having these challenges in mind, ALVO Medical, the manufacturer of surgical tables, has designed a next-generation surgical field accessories system that will facilitate the techniques used to perform most surgeries. The result is a system of versatile accessories compatible with one surgical field adapter. Replacing multiple fixing elements with one, multi-purpose adapter that can easily be installed and repositioned at any time during surgery, saves time. And time is money.


By integrating human-centered research findings, industrial design and ALVO’s engineering experience, the EasyPRO offering comes out to solve highly clinical challenges, like integrating soft padded positioners, as a part of the anti-decubitus prevention program. Alvo’s initial tests show that when compared to standard solutions in surgical field ecosystem, the new EasyPRO concept significantly reduces the total time of surgery and improves the access to the surgical field. This results in increased accuracy of most surgical procedures. And increased patient comfort.