According to experts, before vaccination against COVID-19 becomes available and societies generate adequate level of immunity, long-term strategies to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus should be considered. ALVO has taken immediate steps to design and launch safe, essential medical equipment and devices such as treatment beds, pop-up tents, patient isolation tiers, mobile patient isolation units and mobile infectious diseases hospitals (container-based hospitals), modular touch-free scrub sinks .

New and revised ALVO solutions have been adopted to respond to increased and urgent needs related to COVID-19 pandemic by allowing a faster and less expensive setup.


— container-based single-patient isolation units with air management solution


Mobile ambulatory or container isolation units – fully equipped, self-sufficient patient rooms, with medical and technical facilities, which can be freely combined in functional hospital complexes, infectious diseases wards. Independent or attached to the already existing hospital infrastructure. The highest level of safety for staff and patients is assured due to controlled room conditions. The air is cooled or heated depending on the required temperature.

The concept of the unit is a single patient isolation room with anteroom and bathroom. Technical section on the backside. The area is divided into zones of different pressure levels to ensure a negative airflow, so that no contaminations could leave the unit. The bathroom is equipped with toilet, shower, mirror and flow water heater. Both patient’s room and toilet have heaters. The module has adequate thermal insulation, interior made of flame retardant materials. Air purifier included. General LED lighting. Read more….


— fast hospital-like conditions in any emergency location or disaster-adapted space


Temporary Isolation Tiers (Intensive Care Units)– a modular solution for rapid implementation in adapted environment (sports halls, congress centers). The self-supporting facility arrives at the site ready to be set up, with a built-in medical gas system, technical connections, and a nurse call system. The basic option is based on the lightweight construction of the 3-wall system with a hygienic curtain. It is also possible to provide a closed stand with doors made of aluminum. This solution allows further modernization and expansion (it is possible to add a ceiling, carpet and ventilation system). Find out more…


— hospital tent solution, aimed at providing immediate relief to hospitals challenged by the COVID-19 outbreak

ALVO Covid bed

ALVO Patient Treatment Bed 2-066 is designated to be used as an emergency patient bed or couch for fast-track aid in hospital treatment or in adapted emergency patient zones.

Ergonomic distal handle enables easy maneuvering at the leg end. Mobility is guaranteed thanks to four swivel castors with brake. The bed frame is  made of powder coated stainless steel, equipped with 3 standard side rails to facilitate the use of additional equipment, eg. IV pole, instruments and tool trays, straps, side barriers, bowls, etc. Learn more…

ALVO® Ultra V-bot

ALVO Ultra V-bot

ALVO® Ultra V-bot ensures high effectiveness of decontamination in all important public spaces, including concert halls, schools, factories, laboratories, shopping malls, sports clubs, etc. (240 m3 / h).

The disinfection process is started remotely by the operator using the application on the tablet (communication via Wi-Fi). Thanks to the built-in safety system and autonomous navigation, the robot detects all obstacles and moves safely in the selected room.

The construction of the ALVO Ultra® V-bot allows for self-decontamination of its wheels. A low attachment point of the column enables effective decontamination process in relation to the bottom surfaces of countertops, desks, chairs etc. While the maximum height of the UV-C beams ensures disinfection of walls up close to the ceiling.

Thanks to the unique protection class (IP65), the robot when returning from the contaminated zone can be disinfected around its base level with a spray from a safe distance.

It has been proved that UV-C disinfection kills dangerous pathogens including:

  • Aspergillus brasiliensis
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Escherichia coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Coronaviruses SARS.

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— is a budget solution, aimed at providing immediate relief to hospitals challenged by the COVID-19 outbreak


With the current concern that hospitals may be overwhelmed by a surging number of patients with high-infectious diseases including COVID-19, hospital tent system can be a suitable solution.Medical technology infrastructure is prepared and installed, accordingto specification. Find out more…


— Surgeon’s No. 1, touch-free operated, designed according to WHO recommendations


Clinicians can play a critical role in fighting COVID-19 by adopting frequent hand hygiene as part of their day-to-day practices. Proper hand hygiene is one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections, including the COVID-19 virus. ALVO Premium scrub sink supports step-by-step surgical hand preparation according to WHO recommendations. Find out more…

"The urgent situation caused by the coronavirus may require immediate action and best practices..... What counts here is the experience and good knowledge of technology. It's all about the safety and life of patients."

— Dr. Tadeusz Olszewski, the owner of ALVO