Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MDR-PA) is a gram-negative bacteria that is highly resistant to antibiotics. It represents a genuine threat to the most vulnerable hospital patients, most commonly intensive care patients, those with weakened immune systems such as cancer patients and premature babies in neonatal units.

Pseudomonas can be spread on the hands of healthcare workers or by equipment that gets contaminated and is not properly cleaned. Additionally, sink drains are frequently colonized with Pseudomonas. The self-disinfecting siphon used in the ALVO surgical scrub sinks fights and prevents from spreading even the multidrug resistant bacterias.

Alvo CleanDrainsA recent study, published in the Journal of Hospital Infections, revealed that the dangerous P. aeruginosa (MDR-PA) was effectively eradicated from sink drains, where the self-disinfecting siphon (ALVO® CleanDrains) was used. The findings of the research, conducted at an ICU in Leiden, the Netherlands, indicate that the disinfection with the ALVO® CleanDrains siphon resulted in a marked decrease in colonization of patients with this MDR-PA. The ALVO® CleanDrains siphon solution does not only prevent the colonization of sinks, but also the colonization of patients!


Infection Prevention & Control with the ALVO Premium ScrubSink

*Since the study is the first using a concurrent control group it is highly unlikely that the decrease in prevalence of MDR-PA is caused by other measures.